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Price: ₹75 ₹75 is the cost for participating in the campaign.

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Participation Rules:

  1. The winner of the contest will be announced on 08 Jun, 2024 at 03:30 AM.
  2. To participate in the campaign, you must pay a non-refundable entry fee of INR 75 per attempt.
  3. Upon successful entry, you will receive an assured discount coupon from Quizkart on your registered email ID and Whatsapp.
  4. The top participant with the highest score will win the FZ-810.
  5. Each participant is allowed 3 attempts to participate in the quiz, and a separate entry pass must be purchased for each attempt.
  6. After playing the quiz, please check the Leaderboard to view your current rank.
  7. Note that your rank may change if someone else achieves a higher score than you during the contest period.

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Note: A minimum of 30 tickets must be sold to announce the winners. If this requirement is not met before the deadline, the ticket amount will be refunded to your Quizkart wallet. Features: - Powerful 14W Output: The wireless Bluetooth speaker pumps out an impressive 14 watts of power, delivering rich and clear audio quality for your music. - Versatile Box Contents: In addition to the speaker, you'll receive one charging cable, ensuring you have everything you need to get started right away. - Sleek and Durable Design: With its sleek exterior and IPX4 water resistance rating, this speaker is built to withstand outdoor use and look good doing it. - Wide Compatibility: Whether you're using a mobile phone, laptop, TV, or tablet, this speaker can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, making it compatible with a range of devices. - Unique Features: This speaker is not just about music. It also includes an in-built FM radio, a detachable battery, and support for USB drives, enhancing its versatility.

Quiz entry + Coupon at ₹75