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Newly Launched Immortal Katana Blade TWS Gaming Earbuds

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Price: ₹30 ₹30 is the cost for participating in the campaign.

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Participation Rules:

  1. The winner of the contest will be announced only after all 35 entry passes are sold out.
  2. To participate in the campaign, you must pay a non-refundable entry fee of INR 30 per attempt.
  3. Upon successful entry, you will receive an assured discount coupon from Quizkart on your registered email ID and Whatsapp.
  4. The top participant with the highest score will win the Newly Launched Immortal Katana Blade TWS Gaming Earbuds.
  5. Each participant is allowed 2 attempts to participate in the quiz, and a separate entry pass must be purchased for each attempt.
  6. After playing the quiz, please check the Leaderboard to view your current rank.
  7. Note that your rank may change if someone else achieves a higher score than you during the contest period.
  8. If all tickets aren't sold in 90 days, you'll get a refund in your Quizkart Wallet, and the campaign will be terminated.

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- SWISSHHH Sound- Press button on case(next to usb port) for 5 seconds to enable metal glider sound in case not enabled. - Insta Wake N‘Pair (IWP) with Metal Glider: Dominate the gaming arena while flaunting your boAt Immortal Katana Blade TWS - Earbuds. Its attractive metal glider adds a premium feel making these earbuds a worthy addition to your gaming setup. Also, thanks to boAt’s IWP function, you can simply slide the case open to connect and shut to disconnect from the sound. - Stylish RGB Lights: Upgrade your gaming flair with the stylish RGB LEDs of these earbuds. When you make your winning moves, these lights sync effortlessly to lend a pro-gamer vibe. - Low Latency Gaming: Race through tough levels with no sweat when you pop in these earbuds. 50 ms low-latency BEAST mode eliminates lag so that you can breeze through hurdles and claim the top spot on the leaderboard. - Long Playback: Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with your squad for matchless fun. Up to 50 hours of extensive playtime has your back whether you are assisting your teammate or taking down your opponent in enthralling gaming sessions. - ASAP Charging: Running low on charge is no longer a worry. ASAP Charge adds a playtime boost of up to 180 minutes after juicing these earbuds for merely 10 minutes. - Gliding Blade Sound: Turn heads with the remarkable ‘swish’ sound of your Immortal Katana Blade gliding open. Regardless of where you are in the room, you can highlight your presence in an enviable manner.

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